Meet The Doctors

Considered by their peers to be a dynamo who love to encourage and inspire, Dr. Enrique Cruz and Dr. Mahya Farnia Cruz have built their reputation on providing the highest quality care. Our credo is simple: We treat you like our family member. You are part of our family and you will receive the highest and most advanced care by our doctors.  Our Doctors wish to create you a life lasting smile whether with braces, implants, or esthetic treatments.

 Sonrisas Orthodontics and Periodontics Team

Our team members at Sonrisas Orthodontics and Periodontics invites you to experience state-of-the-art orthodontics and periodontics with sincere care. We are devoted to our patients and our community. We believe in patient’s experience and interested in making our patients feel at ease and welcomed. Our team is professional and well trained. 

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